You can perform this item under the noses of the close-up viewers and watch their reactions. The performer shows two playing cards. Taking a wooden matchstick he places it on one card, which he holds face down in his hand. He then waves the other card around the match stick, which now slowly and visibly starts floating about three-fourth of an inch above the card in the air… performer passes the other card below the floating match stick providing that there is no support to it. The match stick ultimately comes to rest on the card making close-up viewers thoroughly intrigued…
‘Floating Match’ is supplied in two sets: One set consists of two double sided gimmicked cards and one regular card. Another set consists of two one sided gimmicked cards and one regular card.


This is a comedy item to use in your children show. With smart handling it also appears quite surprising to the audience. In effect, as two child assistants come on stage to assist you in a magical routine, you touch their shirt/jacket fronts with a magic wand- instantly a flower appears on each assistant’s dress! We supply magic wand, two deluxe quality flowers made from goose feather. Please be care to using its pin. 





Magician can produce these flower darts from some production prop, throw them on the wooden floor of the stage and they stand upright, thanks to the weighted needle ends of the darts…Alternatively use a large wooden tray on which you can throw the darts and they stand upright making nice display. We supply Flower Dart having 3/6/10 feather flowers. Also we supply a special Flower Dart having 3 flowers made of goose feather. MASTER DART #24 – 24” length natural & color also manufactured by us.




This is a very strong, visible flower production item you can use at any point in your show. In effect, the performer picks up a flat tray from the table, shows both side it freely to the audience and holds it flat in his hand. With a command from him a bunch of flowers suddenly appears on the tray. Placing aside the bunch he turns over the tray; with another command from him a second bunch of flowers again appears on the tray causing double surprise to the audience. Alternatively, after producing the first bunch of flowers, you place aside the tray, perform some other tricks. Then picking up the tray you produce second bunch of flowers thus causing further surprise. Also before producing flowers you can first use the tray as a regular one in your show; later on you suddenly produce flowers on it causing sudden surprise to the audience.


Here is the most startling fire item to add to your stage show. In effect, the performer produces a lit torch from under a large silk square, which immediately transforms into a spectacular fan of fire!... Fire Fan can be used on its own as a fire trick; alternatively with a little thought it can be used in combination with other tricks, thus getting more value out of the item. Fire Fan produces a 76 cm. arch of flames, which is very visible from the remotest corner in the biggest auditorium anywhere in the world.



Showing a wallet as the performer opens it, immediately flames leap out from inside, causing sensation to the close-up audience. Performer comments, this proves money is hot!- he opens the wallet again showing that it is a regular leather wallet, which contains Credit cards, real money etc. and that causes more amazement to the viewers! The wallet measures 12 .5 cm. x 9 cm. in size. We supply the BEST quality Fire Wallet available anywhere in the world



Here is an ultra modern semi-illusion suitable for any stage show. In effect, on the stage is standing a tall, smart looking table, covered with a silver-glittered table cloth. With musical accompaniment the performer floats the table in the air, while holding the table cloth by a corner in each hand. Next lowering the table on the floor, he places aside the table cloth; then placing his either hand palm down on the bare table he makes it float again in the air, making the audience totally amazed. At the end table is lowered on the floor and then used as a regular table to place small objects like pack of cards etc. upon it. There are many fine points in the floating of the table. For instance, while floating the table you can lift the table cloth partly, letting the audience note that there is nothing hidden under it, which makes the audience thoroughly intrigued. Height of the table: 86cm. Top is 30.5x30.5cm. Square. IT IS COMPLETELY PORTABLE.



A magician wearing a top hat is a common picture. This proves top hat is used in magic over a long long period. In fact a magician uses a top hat to magically produce from it varied things including silk, Spring Flower, dove etc. And this production effect becomes stronger when you use a folding top hat. Here we recommend our best quality folding top hat for above classic production effect. Please note, for actual production routine, you have to consult different good magic books; from there you will learn a good routine of producing varied things from a genuine top hat



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