Here is a cute pictorial card trick you will use in your intimate type show! The performer shows a board depicting colorful picture of a magician standing behind a huge cage; within the cage is sitting a young lady. The performer makes magical passes over the board, instantly picture of the girl within cage changes to a tiger! The board is freely shown on both sides- nothing appears suspicious about it. You can perform the trick any time anywhere as long as you are carrying it in your pocket. Comes complete with suggested patter presentation.



This is a very smart, elegant looking badge having magical motif. Hence you will be always wearing it as a mark of a magician. Lapel Badge comes in two designs: (a) Rabbit and star studded top hat with magic wand. (b) Fluttering dove on parch with card indices.


On the performer’s table are placed a metal cylinder, a clear glass containing liquid, also a second fluted empty plastic glass. Picking up metal cylinder performer shows it to be empty; next he pours liquid into the cylinder, while very strangely liquid remains suspended in it! Performer then passes a silk handkerchief through the cylinder, apparently proving that liquid has really vanished. Finally he passes the fluted plastic glass through the cylinder; it emerges full of liquid, cylinder again shown to be empty.



Lota Bowl is a gag item which goes very well in a stage show. In effect, during his show performer displays a highly polished lota bowl. He states that this is being magic lota bowl that never becomes exhausted of water. He proves it by pouring water from the bowl, after that proves it to be completely exhausted. Yet, after performing a few tricks, he again pours water from the bowl, thus goes on repeating this comedy business time and again causing surprise and amusement to the audience. Lota Bowl measures 22c.m. in height, 16.5c.m. in diameter. Its water capacity is 2.5 liters approximately. P.C.SORCAR sr. made Lota Bowl very popular by presenting it as a running gag in his world famous show under the presentation theme of ‘Water of India’.



ALit Match gimmick helps the performer to produce a lit match stick any time during his show. He can produce it from his pocket, under his lapel, sleeve or wherever he fancies. He can use the fire to light a cigarette or a candle and continues with his act. We supply sturdily built four sturdily built Lit Match gimmick as a set. 




This is being the improved fool-proof version of classic ‘Card to Match Box’ trick. In effect, the performer holds a single playing card in his hand. He shakes his hand and then makes a tossing motion, the card visibly changes into a match box! Performer opens the box, takes out a match stick, lights it, proving that it is a genuine match box.



The performer comes forward holding a coiled up rope in his hand. He states that his first magic is going to be a wonder and he will show it with the help of this rope! Commenting so, he slowly passes the coiled up rope from one hand to the other hand, two ends being still clearly visible. Next he shakes the bundle between his hands and then suddenly goes on passing individual loops of ropes from one hand to other hand, loudly spelling ‘W-O-N-D-E-R’- spectators are amazed to note that the single length of rope has become six individual loops of ropes! The performer smilingly comments, “That’s being really a wonder!”



The Magician enters in stage holding a magic wand in his hand. He waves the wand several times in the air while suddenly a beautiful flower appears at the free end of the wand. A good flashy opening trick is always welcome like this. This flower wand is such an item you should happy to use an opening item in your show.

This is a classic liquid trick that goes very well in a stage show, having very strong visual effect. In effect, the performer fills a clear glass bottle partly with milk, partly with water. He closes the bottle with a cap, places it on a tray. Next on each side of the bottle he places an empty glass tumbler on the tray. These are covered with metal cylinders. He ties a length of ribbon around two metal cylinders as well as around the bottle. Stating that by magic he will separate milk and water poured into the bottle, performer makes magical passes around bottle and two cylinders and the ‘Magic’ happens- content of the bottle slowly and visibly diminishes, the bottle ultimately becomes empty! Performer then removes cylinders covering the glasses and the mystery is completed- one of the two glasses is now found to contain milk, other glass containing water!.. The trick is self-working, requires just a little handling practice
Here is the classic milk trick ready to add to your show. In effect, Performer forms a paper cone using a sheet of news paper; taking a clear jug full of milk, he pours same into the paper cone, leaving a little quantity in the jug, which he places aside on the table. Making magical passes around paper cone he suddenly unfurls it, makes a throwing motion towards audience- milk is found to have completely vanished!... The jug is 13 cm. high, outer diameter being 7cm. Milk Jug is a self-contained trick; hence it can be performed into a completely surrounded condition. .
The excellent decorated box made of shnthetic polymer. Total weight of the box is 400 gram approx and easy to carry. This is being classic 'Mirror Box' production prop, but now made folding; as such it is much easier to carry the dismantled box in your suit-case. Further, mirror supplied is made of plastic; hence it is much safer to carry it in a brief-case.
‘Miser’s Dream is a classic coin routine. Now you can perform the routine in a simpler way using the special stainless steel glass we supply. In effect, showing his hands empty, the performer goes on producing coins one after another from thin air, drops those into a stainless steel glass held in his hand, while the clinking sound of the coins makes the production routine very, very effective.
Any time during the act, the magician produces fire on his palms or tosses fire from one hand to other or blows out the fire on one palm and it reappears on the other and so on.... This is a fire effect that requires utmost handling care. We don't recommend this effect to beginners or minors. Those magicians familiar with hazards of fire effects and has experience will create sensation! We supply you two specially made gimmicks that work on flint wheel, one for each hand. These gimmicks help of you produce fire from your palms. Gimmicks are almost invisible and are sure shot! It's a 'must' for magicians looking for off-bear effects.
Here is the latest ‘Multiplying Ball’ set for performing classic ‘Multiplying Ball’ routine. Designed rough surfaces of the balls make them appear as a miniature set of golf balls; also rough surfaces make the manipulation of the balls quite easy. We supply a set of four regular balls and a shell, as required for any classic ‘Multiplying Ball’ routine. The set we supply is available in red and white colors.
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