The spectator names any card. The named card is removed from the deck and placed aside. The deck is spread face up and is now found to be a miniature deck! The selection is the only normal card. The selection is now inserted in the spread. The deck is re-spread face up, only this time the deck has returned to normal, but the selection is now the only miniature card in the spread! When the miniature selection is removed from the spread, the card visibly changes to normal again.


A shiny steel cane in performer’s hand suddenly vanishes leaving no trace of it. Alternatively the cane can be changed to plumes or silks, which appears more perplexing. We supply the BEST quality stainless steel cane available anywhere in the world.

Here is a fool proof blind fold, use of which makes any sort of X-Ray Eyes feat presentation a MIRACLE! Hold the blind fold in front of the eyes of several members of the audience- they will not be able to see through same. Yet when magician’s eyes are tied with the same blind fold and this is being done by the spectators, you can clearly see through same and then perform different X-Ray Eyes feats, making the audience thoroughly baffled. At the end, if you prefer, spectators can again look through the blind fold and they will not find anything wrong with it.




From a deck of cards, only six are taken. They are counted one at a time to show that there are no more than six cards. Three are dropped to the floor. When he counts again, there are six instead of three! This is re-pealed several times with the same result. This is a great comedy card trick that goes very well with rapid fire patter. 




This is a pocket version of classic Flick Book. You can perform it anytime anywhere, as long as you are carrying it in your pocket. In effect, the performer flicks the pages of a miniature glossy writing pad, showing that it is thoroughly blank. Yet blowing over same as he once more flicks the pages, colored pictures of currency notes appear through out the pad! Again the pictures disappear whenever performer wants so.



Here is a strong fire trick suitable for Stand-up/Platform/Stage show. In effect, the performer displays two cylinders, each having two pairs of holes on opposite faces of their surfaces. One of the cylinders is taller, but smaller in diameter than the other cylinder, so that they can be nested together. Thus nesting them together performer pushes two silks through matching pairs of holes of the cylinders and then passes a lighted candle through them, apparently passing through the silks! Next, performer pulls out inner cylinder apparently penetrating the silks. Finally silks are removed from the other cylinder, which are freely shown to be o.k. Though not necessary, both cylinders and silks can be examined by the spectators. The smaller cylinder measures 10c.m. in height, 5.2 c.m. in diameter. The taller cylinder measures 12.5c.m. in height, 4.2c.m. in diameter. Necessary silks are also supplied.




This is a more effective version for a classic close-up trick. In effect, the performer shows a wooden box. It has got a hole at the bottom centre as well as one at the centre of the lid. He also shows a glass sheet which is found to be quite solid. He places the sheet inside box, thus covering the hole at the bottom of the box. Yet, when a solid steel ball is dropped through the hole in the lid of the box, it comes out through the bottom hole, apparently penetrating the glass sheet inside box. Immediately performer opens the box, glass sheet is found to be o.k. and that causes surprise to the close up viewers. The trick is repeated making the close-up viewers thoroughly intrigued.




‘Spike through Tongue’ is a Hindu Fakir’s trick. We supply a specially made spike to perform the trick without causing any harm to your tongue. In effect, the performer displays a chrome plated, sharp pointed spike to the audience. Turning his head slightly backward, he extends his tongue out of the mouth. Next he slowly pushes the sharp pointed end of the spike through the tongue; the audience gets a very uncanny view of the spike having clearly penetrated the performer’s tongue and they obviously look thoroughly intrigued! After slight pause performer pulls out the spike, shows it freely, which is found to be a regular spike. Further he shows his tongue to the audience, then smiles, proving that he is perfectly o.k.!




The set of balls we supply allows you first to change a silk handkerchief into a ‘Silver’ ball and then to perform classic Multiplying Ball routine. To perform above combined routine, we supply 3 solid balls, 1 hollow ball and a half shell. Balls demand a little handling practice, but not difficult to perform the above routine.




Here is a strong penetration trick for your platform/stage show. In effect, the performer displays a framed mirror. A spectator is allowed to tap the mirror at different points with a pen/pencil/magic wand, thus convincing himself that it is a genuine, solid mirror. Yet, almost visibly performer pushes a silk handkerchief through the centre of the mirror, thus causing great surprise to the audience. At the end again he taps the mirror with pen/pencil/magic wand, which is found to be a genuine, solid mirror. Definitely audience is amazed with this uncanny mystery of a solid object passing through another solid object without leaving any clue!....


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