This is a novel silk and ribbon trick for your stage show. In effect, the performer shows a bi-colored ribbon, drapes it around his neck. Next from his pocket he takes out a silk handkerchief, shows it freely. He then wounds it into a small ball. Taking now the ribbon he further wounds it around the rolled up ball of silk, thus forming a bundle of ribbon and handkerchief. Making magical passes around the bundle with free hand, he tosses it in the air and there comes surprise- bi-colored ribbon is found to have separated, while the silk handkerchief appears being tied between those two pieces of different colored ribbons! Silk supplied measures 40cm. square. Bi-colored ribbon supplied measures 85cm. in length. You can perform the trick at any point in your show. It also goes best when performed in silence with musical accompaniment.



Here is the highly improved version of ‘Cubes from bag’ trick, you will find worthwhile to add to your programme. In effect, the performer shows a paper bag to the audience. It has got a large window on one side; through this window audience can clearly see the interior of the bag, which is found to be empty. Performer also turns mouth of the bag towards audience, so that they are further convinced about the emptiness of the bag. Yet, making magical passes performer produces not a single one but five different colored cubes from the bag, thus making most colorful and surprising magical production!



This is very modern version of classic trick, ‘Chinese Sticks’. In effect, the performer holds a jumbo size glittered magic wand horizontal in his either hand. At each end of the wand is a pair of holes. Through these holes is running a length of string. At both ends of each string is fixed two different colored large size pom pom. Performer pulls a pair of pom pom fixed to a string upward and downward in turn, other string also having a pair of pom pom fixed to its ends remains static. Thus it clearly proves there is no link between two lengths of string. Yet, uttering some magic words as the performer once more pulls either pair of pom pom upward and downward in turn, pair of pom pom fixed to the other string reacts, proving that there is now magical link between two pairs of pom pom, fixed to two strings ! Finally performer splits the wand into two halves, showing that there is truly no link between two lengths of string!


This is a very clever penetration trick you will love to add to your show. On performer’s table is standing an opaque, reverse U-shaped plastic frame having a hole in the centre. Performer threads a length of ribbon through the hole in the stand, ends of the ribbon are hanging on both sides of the frame. Next performer shows a solid opaque plastic sheet having a hole in the centre. Shape of the sheet being same as the frame. Thus as he enters the sheet into the frame, centre of the ribbon is pushed down inside frame. Next, performer makes magical passes around frame, pulls out plastic sheet and magic has happened!- plastic sheet is found being trapped on the ribbon, as it is now passing through the hole in the centre of the sheet!





This is a very strong intimate type magic, you would love to perform in real close-up! The performer shows two small brass plating rings. He holds one ring in one hand between thumb and first finger; taking other ring in other hand he touches it to the first ring, blows over both, then lets go the second ring and then and there magic takes place- the second ring starts spinning heavily, while it remains suspended from the first ring!.. At the end both rings are handed over to the close-up viewers, who find this to be plain brass rings.

This is a flashy opening effect for any stage act and naturally leads to a ‘dove production’ or the like if wished. Entering the stage you make a throwing upward gesture and hundreds of micro-thin paper ribbons shoot out of your hand like fountain or sunrays.
This made of high grade tissue paper in Red, White and Multi-color; supplied in a pouch enough for 10 shows. It is also available in Silver colored miler paper for additional effect.
Every magician around the world has used, using and will use this most versatile gimmick of all gimmicks in magic.
One can do hundreds of effects after learning the basic handling. Add the professional touch and perform magic just ‘under their noses.’
Made in Copper, flesh colored and powder coated to last long.



Here is a very strong, visual effect you can perform anytime, any where, as long as you are carrying the prop in your pocket.

The performer shows three different colored mini magic wands, red, black and green in color. Through a pair of holes in each wand are threaded two parallel lengths of ribbons, red and green in color. While holding either of the two outer wands in the set with one hand performer draws attention of the audience to the relative positions of two lengths of ribbons, say green to their left, red to their right. He then pulls down the middle (Black) wand with his other hand causing instant change of positions of two ribbons- green ribbon moving to the right, red ribbon moving to the left of the audience. The trick is repeated number of times causing great surprise to the audience.
The trick is automatic in working.

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