‘Thumb Tip Change Bag’ is an excellent miniature utility bag to secretly hold a Thumb Tip. It can be used in the following way: The performer shows a miniature bag which he holds by its wooden handle. Next showing a miniature silk handkerchief he pushes it into the bag, immediately hands it over to the close-up spectators, and they find the bag to be empty! Again showing that there is nothing concealed in his hands, the performer takes back bag, immediately reproduces the silk from same, thus causing double surprise to the close-up viewers! At the end both the bag and the silk are left with the close-up viewers, who look thoroughly intrigued!



This is a classic card trick, most visual in effect. A spectator selects a card, notes it and returns same to the deck, which is then thoroughly shuffled. Performer picks up a wooden stand from the table. The stand holds a pair of clear plastic sheets rubber banded together. A spectator throws the deck towards rubber-banded plastic sheets, instantly all the cards scatter all over the stage, while the spectator’s selected card appears in-between the plates! Performer removes rubber-banded plates, hands over same to the participating spectator, who himself separates the plates, shows the card to all, proving that there is nothing wrong with the plates.


Here goes an ingenious use of age-old Thumb Tip for producing bare hand flash in the air, thus making very startling beginning of your show. The performer enters stage, makes a gesture with his right hand, instantly there is a brilliant flash in the air! However, performer’s hand is found to be empty, audience looks thoroughly bewildered…. the performer smiles, passes on to the first item in his programmed, audience sits up being alerted that they are going to enjoy exceptional magic in the hand of an expert performer!


This is a very modern version of classic 20th Century Silk trick. In this version an oblong plastic cabinet is placed on the performer’s table. There are three holes in a line in the cabinet. Through each hole is draped a silk handkerchief of different color. They are supposed being red, yellow and blue in color, yellow silk being draped through the middle hole of the cabinet. Performer pulls each silk a little forward and backward through the holes, proving that they are not linked to each other. Next, removing yellow silk from the cabinet performer vanishes it (Take help of sleight of hand or use some prop). Immediately he pulls out red/blue silk from the cabinet, say red one and there comes surprise- blue silk also comes out, while the vanished yellow silk reappears tied between red and blue silks! A very startling visual version of classic 20th Century Silk trick!



This is a close-up ‘Quickie’ you will be always carrying in your pocket! In effect, red tipped match sticks in a match box in a twinkle of an eye change into a red colored lady’s silk handkerchief. After silk is taken out, match box is shown to be empty.


Here is a novel miniature version of Jumbo Coin Bag you will find good for close-up work. In effect, the performer displays a miniature velvet bag having net front. The bag is found to be clearly empty. Reaching into the air with free hand performer apparently catches a coin, throws it towards the bag and a coin truly appears in it. Taking the coin in his hand performer throws it in the air and it vanishes leaving his hand as well as the bag empty. This whole business is repeated several times which causes much fun and surprise to the close-up viewers


This is a decorated utility box made of cardboard, in which you drop silks, flowers, cards etc. as you finish different tricks in your programme. Also at the beginning you show the box having no bottom; yet at the end of your show you leave the stage taking the box in your hand, containing varied materials you have dropped in it and that cause additional surprise to the audience, as at the beginning they had seen the box having no bottom!...


This is a classic close-up item. Using a full length multicolored pencil performer scribble something on paper, proving that it is a genuine pencil. He inserts the pencil into a tube, puts on cap. Blowing over the tube he hands over same to a spectator asking him to take out pencil himself. As the spectator does so there comes surprise- multicolored pencil is found to have changed to a red colored one, which is also shorter in length. Tube is found to be otherwise empty. ‘Vanishing Pencil’ is a fool proof item to use confidently in your close-up work. .

Cheers everybody !! Here is a wonderful trick using martini bottle. You pour a peg from a martini bottleand have a taste. Now you put the bottle in paper cylinder, which is much smaller in size than the bottle. That is half of the bottle visible either from top or from the bottom of the cylinder.
Now as you put your hand in the cylinder you come out with a bunch of flowers and then suddenly you show that the cylinder is absolutely empty. This is a fantastic miracle magic !!!
This is an effect that is timely and suits most with anti-smoking theme show. The magician removing a cigarette from his packet attempts to smoke. On second thought, he stops and removes a colorful tube from his pocket. Opening the cap of the tube he inserts the cigarette into the tube, caps it and hands to a spectator to hold momentarily. A little magic, and the spectator opens the tube only to find it empty, the cig has disappeared! Alternately the cigarette may change into a miniature one.


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