This is latest novelty for stand up show.
In effect, a spoon is checked by the close-up viewers. Taking it back, performer visibly bends it in half, which is handed back to the close-up viewers and they are thoroughly intrigued with the uncanny effect!
We supply the trick in two sizes: (a) one using tea table size spoon (b) other using large size spoon meant for stand-up show.



This is an extremely baffling close-up trick you will be always carrying in your pocket.
In effect the performer displays one silver and one brass key on his palm. A spectator announces his selection of a key, say brass one. Most mysteriously the brass key permanently bends into 90 degree, silver key remaining as it is. At the end both the keys are left in the spectator’s hand, performer’s hand is also found to be empty.




The performer displays a bouquet of yellow flowers. He smells the flowers, makes an expression of not liking the yellow flowers. So he plucks the flowers, drops them. He is now holding a bunch of leaves, no flower. Next he shakes the bunch blows upon same; small colored buds appear on it. These visibly grow bigger and bigger, ultimately appear as blue and orange colored flowers. As before performer smells the flowers, makes the expression of not even liking these flowers. So he plucks the flowers, drops them. Once more he shakes the bunch, blows upon same, and there comes more surprise!- colored buds again appear on the bunch, ultimately grow very beautiful red flower!... Performer smiles, takes his bow, audience invariably applauds!....


A plastic bead threaded on two lengths of strings is resting inside a small transparent plastic box. Threads are taken outside box through holes on side walls and then tied together. Even under this impossible condition, as the tied strings are pulled, box with bead inside becomes instantly free from knotted strings. Very effective for your close-up shows.




You take out Japanese fan to fan your magical apparatus to make the magic happen. You fan it and as an after thought hand it over to an assisting spectator to fan likewise. Wonder of wonders! When the assistant opens it the fan breaks into fragment. You take it back, open it and fan. It is perfectly alright. Hand it back to assistant and when he/she opens it, it is again in pieces! With a good acting ability, you can create a most hilarious situation.





A small transparent plastic box is placed on the table. It has got a put on lid, having contrasting designs on both out side & inside faces. A white plastic button having red centre is being placed on top of the lid at the centre. Performer tabs the button with a playing card, instantly it drops inside the box, penetrating the lid! It appears there is a hole in the lid. However, checking box close up viewers find no such hole on the lid, yet the button penetrated and dropped in to the box!
This is a very strong visual close up items, easy to perform.




The performer holds a green bush in his hand. The bush has got a red rose blooming at the top. He smells the rose a number of times, passes his free hand over same, apparently plucks it off the bush and there comes surprise- the red rose instantly changes into a matching red coloured silk, now being held in his hand! m.




This is a great comedy card trick you would love to add to your platform/stage show. A spectator takes a card from a deck, notes it, shows it to others and then returns to deck. Performer displays a novel, large paper made colorful pistol! As the spectator tosses deck of cards as a fan in the air, performer shoots the cards. Instantly a loud bang is heard, picture of spectator’s selected card appears on both sides of the barrel of the pistol at the front! We supply four extra card gimmicks for future use.


Here is a strong visual silk trick for stage show. In effect, the performer shows a colored cloth bag. He places a few different colored silk handkerchiefs into the bag, gives it a shake, instantly it changes into a large colored silk square. We supply the special cloth bag which is 28 cm. square. You supply different colored silk handkerchiefs. .
Here is a very novel and latest penetration trick your audience will surely enjoy greatly. The performer displays a wooden box having two lids facing each other. One of the lids has got a pair of horizontal slots; these slots allow one to have a not so obscured view of the interior of the box, even when the lids are closed. The box has also got a hole on each side wall facing each other. The performer further displays five different colored rectangular shaped wooden blocks, each having a hole through the centre. After a spectator calls out color of a block as his random selection, say blue, performer places the blocks inside box in any order, lids are closed. Next he shows a long, thin metal rod; he pushes it through the holes in the side walls of the box, in the process obviously threads the colored blocks on it, which were first lined up inside box. And then the ‘Magic’ happens!- as the performer gives a shake to the box, spectator’s selected colored block, in this case blue one, drops out on the table! Immediately performer hands over box to the audience, who will find other four blocks are still threaded on the metal rod and that causes surprise to all- how for heaven’s sake spectator’s selected wooden block could penetrate the metal rod?... .
Colour The Chaplin
This is a visual magic at its best! A ture of legendary actor Charlie Chaplin in black ‘n white is displayed inside a pasteboard holder. However, with a little magical mumbo-jumbo, the picture is slowly pulled out of the holder. Surprisingly, as it’s comes out, it visibly changes to a colored picture.You receive the artistic picture in its holder ready to work.
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