Color Changing Blooming Flower
The performer holds a single long stem in his hand, which has got no flower. He passes his other around stem, immediately a red flower blossoms at the top of the stem. Again he passes hand around flower, which then changes its color red to green! This is a neat colorful quickie you can perform anytime in your show; this goes very well in silence with musical accompaniment.

A smaller size solid cylinder is inserted into a larger size hollow one, both being made of brass. Also each cylinder has got a pair of holes. A small length of thin brass rod is threaded through holes in both cylinders, thus trapping both on the rod. A spectator holds the rod by its ends, performer taps the outer hollow cylinder and instantly inner solid cylinder penetrates the rod, drops out into a waiting hand causing great surprise to the close-up viewers. During performance spectator gets chance to handle everything himself, which causes greater surprise to all.


It is another magic that is very visual, flashy, and should be a Hit in any close-up act!
A transparent cylinder with a black lid is shown all around containing just a black cube. Simply by a mere flick of the wrist the black cube disintegrates into eight different colored tiny cubes! The lid is opened and the cubes are dropped out to use in some other effect.
The cylinder is 3 inch high, 1 ½ inch diameter (approx.) and the black cube is 1 inch (approx.) square.
The effect is simple to perform and goes well with a repeat act where you have already performed our Color Changing Cubes as well as a stand alone effect!



Passing a magic wand through closed fist performer changes its color black to red/ red to black (As he wishes so!). You can perform the trick any time in your programme; with a little thought you should be also able to incorporate it in a color changing routine.

Colour Changing Lapel Rose
This is different! This is unique!! This is eye pleasing!!!

Magician appears on stage immaculately dressed complete with a rose in his lapel. However, he notices that the color of the flower does not match his dress. Therefore, he picks the hanky from his breast pocket and shortly covers the flower. When he removes the hanky, the color of the flower has changed.

The color change is instantaneous. There is nothing to add and/or get rid of. The effect is almost automatic and leaves you free to concentrate on the presentation.

We provide you everything you need but the handkerchief.
Here is a colorful item for children show.
A large cardboard envelope having clear window is shown. It contains a large card depicting picture of a rabbit sitting in a black hat. A separate folder is shown, which depicts four different colored hats. By magic the rabbit colors his black hat red, while the red hat depicted on the folder becomes black!... this is an ideal pictorial card trick to perform in a children show.
This spectacular item is a unique climax to any manipulative card act, even the Six Card Repeat.
After finishing the act drop the cards over a tray and cover with a large cloth. Next remove the cloth and a Castle of Cards appears amidst a shower of cards.
The whole effect is quite foolproof and no skill is required. The castle stands about 15 inches high and looks great!
Performer shows a fan being white on one side, red on the other side. He closes the fan, reopens same, the fan is now blue on one side, red color on the other side has changed to the designs of USA flag. It's a very effective item for school or party shows for the USA lovers. empty  
  This is an easy-to-do, colorful magic that is simply gorgeous!Three snow-white wreaths and three different colored silks are removed from a brown paper bag that has a hole in the center.
One wreath is put back into the bag and a red silk is pushed through the said hole. Now the wreath is removed and it has changed its color to red matching the color of the silk.
This is repeated with other two wreaths changing their colors matching the colors of the silks...1st Surprise! The three colored wreaths are now put back into the bag and
all three silks are pushed together through the hole in the bag. When the wreaths are removed again, no change is seen and those remain same in three different colors as before.
The three wreaths are now tossed up in the air and they visibly and instantaneously change to a giant tri-color wreath, thrice as big as the original wreaths ... 2nd surprise!
And the 3rd surprise is the quality of the wreaths ... made in washable bright acrylic wools they are just beautiful! The brown paper bag is strong and laminated. However, no silk is supplied.


A real bargain apparatus that you will be proud to own!


Good clean humor is in big demand always for all types of shows. This effect can be adapted to many individual routines, and worked into any performer’s act!
The shown-empty funnel when is placed at a spectator’s elbow and his other arm is pumped, a full glass of liquid comes pouring out. Never fails to make a hit. Use it any time during the performance. You can garner many laughs with this ever-flowing funnel. Make your audience laugh and you are sure to be a success.
Ingeniously made in brass and chrome plated funnel, with a little care will give you a life-long service.


A red color condle is lighted is lighted for a few seconds, and then blown off, instantly it changes color from red to white. If you prefer you can also vanish the white condle quite visibly. These condle quite visibly. These candles are made of very good quality polyester film, so that it's never be broken at the time of handling.


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