This is being the ultra modern model of classic comedy bulb trick. In effect, showing his hand being empty, performer holds a milk white electric bulb in his hand. Touching different persons’ heads with the bulb he makes it light up whenever he wishes so and that causes fun and surprise to the audience! With a little thought you should be able to incorporate Magic Lamp in different routines.




A candle is lit. It is seen to be standing on a candle stand. A chrome-plated empty metal tube is placed over the lit candle. After making some magical passes over the tube, performer removes it, the candle is found to have transformed into a bouquet of flowers.



This is a classic foolproof penetration trick, so that you can safely use it in close-up work.

The performer shows a framed transparent plastic sheet. It has got an opaque central bar on one side. A playing card is inserted under this bar. A pencil is then pushed through the middle of the card; it passes through the plastic sheet. Card is removed; it is found to have a hole in the middle, but the plastic sheet is found to have no hole! Everything can be examined.


Here is a strong card trick for your consideration. A spectator selects a card from a deck, notes it, shows it to others and returns same to deck. The performer places the deck in a wooden stand, holds it in his hands. He deeply concentrates and a card suddenly jumps up in the air from deck- the card is found to be the spectator’s selected card! We supply special deck of cards and necessary wooden stand for the trick. Practice the ‘Handling’; you will find it quite easy to perform, while it will be well received by any audience.
Here is a great sucker card trick that fools any audience greatly! In effect, the performer shows three red backed jumbo cards as a fan in his hand. Centre card in the fan is 10D (For example). The performer turns fan face down; a spectator takes out the centre card, places it face down on the table. Every body takes this card to be 10 D; performer once more shows the fan of remaining two cards in his hand to the audience, proving that there is no trickery. However, when the participating spectator turns his selected card face up, this is found to be NOT 10D, but Jack of Hearts! Performer now explains how the trick is done using prepared card as well as hidden extra card. After that he once more performs the trick exactly as before and the audience is again greatly fooled- this time spectator’s selected card 10D changes into a blank card! This is being an improved double sucker version of classic Three Card Monte trick; you will definitely use it regularly in your stage show!
Here is a most colorful, visual silk trick which you can perform on its own or you can use it in combination with other coloring tricks. In effect, the performer shows a black streamer; he waves the streamer several times in the air, while it visibly changes into a multi-colored one, making very colorful appeal to the audience. Alternatively, waiving the multi-colored streamer in the air, it can be changed into a black one. In this case the streamer can be used in combination with other coloring tricks, viz. Magic Palette, Coloring Book, Coloring Picture, Silk Dye etc.
‘Change Bag’ is a classic prop to change an item to another item/produce/vanish item and so on so forth. The present model allows you to change a large object/produce large load of silks, varied items etc. With some thought you should find many use of the bag, to incorporate in many magical routines. The bag we supply has got a 30cm.long handle, which makes the secret operation completely fool proof. The bag is made of glossy red cloth material having sparkling golden design. It is 32cm. in depth, while its diameter at the mouth is 19 cm. it has also got beautiful tassel finish with decorative ball. With a little care, the bag will last ever; it will add color to your show, besides providing you secret help!
Here is a drink trick you can include in your Stand-up/Platform/Stage show and it will cause amazement to the audience! EFFECT: From a coffee pot performer openly pours coffee into a tea cup; he goes to drink same but finds it to be too hot. Hence he goes to pour same from the cup on a plate in order to cool it down and there comes surprise- instead of coffee, performer pours confetti, the cup turned completely upside down proving that it is absolutely empty! We supply a gimmicked tea cup which does everything for the trick; you supply some coffee and confetti.
Tricks with money are always popular with any audience, as people are always running after same! So when you can catch coins from air, you become more popular with them! ‘Coin Pail’ supplied is meant for that trick! In effect, the performer displays an aluminum bucket, which is shown to be empty. He holds the bucket in one hand, while reaching in the air with other hand goes on catching coins, drops those into the bucket, causing great amusement and surprise to the audience!.. With a little thought you should be able to build up an elaborate coin production routine incorporating the Coin Pail we supply The Coin Pail we supply is made of highly polished Aluminum. It is 18.5 cm. in height, also 18.5 cm. in diameter at the mouth.
This is being a classic table trick you should find useful to perform before a few spectators. In effect, the performer places a coin in the centre of a yellow colored square sheet of paper, folds it into a small packet. Next he places the packet in the centre of a green colored square sheet of paper, as before folds it into a small packet. Further he places this packet in the centre of a pink colored square sheet of paper, again folds it into a small packet. This is placed on the table covered for a minute by the performer’s hand, then reopened and there comes surprise- the coin placed within the innermost packet is found to have changed to a currency note!.. During performance spectators handle the papers themselves, which make them thoroughly intrigued with the effect.
This is a very novel Rope trick. The performer displays a short length of white rope between his hands. He pulls it through his hand, the rope changes from white to red. He again pulls the red rope through his hand, instantly the rope changes to vari-colored strings. The trick can be presented in silence as a ‘Quickie’ with musical accompaniment; or you can present it with suitable patter. Knitted rope is very smooth in operation. It is 41c.m. approx. in length.
Here is a cute close-up mental item you will love to perform for a few spectators at an intimate occasion. The performer hands over a brass tube with threaded lid and five metal rods of different colors to a close-up viewer. The gentleman then inserts a colored rod of his choice into the tube, screws on the cap, while he hides other rods into his pocket. During this period performer keeps his back to the close-up viewers. After the gentleman has completed the above task, performer faces front, takes the closed tube in his hand; he stares at it for a few seconds and then correctly divines the color of the gentleman’s selected rod hidden inside the tube. The trick is immediately repeated, close-up viewers become thoroughly intrigued with the effect.
This is a great comedy item meant for an adult show. In effect, the performer shows two colored handkerchiefs. Inviting a lady to participate in a trick, performer ties two handkerchiefs together and then places knotted ends together in lady’s cupped hands. Performer states he will make the knots vanish in lady’s hand. Thus making magical passes he pulls out the knotted handkerchiefs from lady’s hand and there comes surprise and great amusement for all- a large size panty appears tied between two handkerchiefs, lady’s natural reaction adds more to the general effect. e supply the complete set ready for performance.
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