The performer shows a crystal clear square box which is thoroughly empty. Yet, at a command from him, a solid ball suddenly appears in the box. Alternatively, the box can be made to become suddenly full of Spring Flowers, silks etc. The box measures 11 cm. x 11 cm. out and out. You have to supply production items.
Die Tunnel
This is one of the most deceptive pocket magic’s ever brought out.
You display a folding plastic tube, squared up, and show it empty. You also show a big die. A spectator selects a number between 1 and 6 (a free choice). The die keeping the selected number on top is now slowly pushed into the tube and when it emerges from the other end, the selected number that was on top has changed.
The tube is 6 ½ inches long and is nice looking. The die is 1 ½ inches square with rounded corners and fits inside the tube just snugly. Easy to perform ... don’t miss it!
Dove Pan

It’s a prop of many uses – limited by your imagination.

Place a crumpled ball of paper in to the main pan and light with a lit match. Put the cover on the pan to douse the fire. Immediately removing the cover a dove or a rabbit or a cake (or whatever you pre-loaded) is produced.

It’s beautifully made in spun aluminum and powder coated to last long– a smooth working prop comes ready to use.


Our Wilting Flower is made of genuine goose feather and very realistic as well as durable. Be first to get one!


A metal cane becomes magically animated, dances with the performer. This dancing routine is very stylish, as such highly impressive.

Magician shows a multicolor panel of both side. Scroll the panel, it reforms in triangular shape. Finally the tube performer produces silks, ribbons etc.from same causing great surprise to the audience. The trick can be performed in all around surrounded condition.



The performer is holding a dart of rose. He tells the children audience that this flower never dies. But then, as he is looking other way, the flower droops down and the children shout drawing performer’s attention to the drooping flower! However as the performer looks back at the flower, it is found to stand erect! This comedy business is repeated several times at the children’s enjoyment creating very hilarious situation.





This is a classic trick to use in your platform/stage show. Four plastic tumblers of different sizes are displayed on the performer’s table. The largest tumbler is found to contain milk full up to its brink. The performer pours the milk into a smaller size tumbler, milk does not spill over! Performer then pours the milk into a third further smaller size tumbler and then into a fourth further smaller size tumbler, milk does not spill over in either case! Thus to the audience it appears that the original quantity of milk, slowly and magically diminished to a very small quantity…


‘Yet another great illusion in miniature for Close-up or parlor use. This is another fine model of the famous effect that works like a charm, and a size that can be carrying around in a brief case still suitable for a stage. Note the illustration for two holes where to place carrots etc., for cutting to show sharpness of the blades first. Spectators hand is then inserted in the larger hole ... and the other holes filled with carrots, stalks of celery, etc. Next the blade is forced down through the wrist (?), slicing everything but the wrist. The outfit stands 13 high on two legs (folds for easy packing), 8 wide with a shinning blade about 10 long. Finished in black and maroon color the apparatus looks impressive and dangerous. No preparation ... always ready to perform.




‘A novel close-up die trick. A spectator places two large size die showing same spots inside an opaque five sided plastic box and then closes it with a canopy shaped opaque plastic lid. A rubber band is then stretched around the box. Yet under this condition, taking the box in his hand, performer touches it to his forehead, instantly divines the spots appearing on the top faces of two hidden die. The trick can be repeated several times causing more surprise to the close up viewers.



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